USLBA Holiday Reception 2023

On December 12, the US-Libya Business Association (USLBA) held its much-anticipated annual Holiday Reception at the Army Navy Club in Washington, DC. This year’s event was marked by illuminating keynote addresses from Jeff Hulse, the State Department’s Deputy Director of the Office of North African Affairs, and Libya’s Chargé d’affaires, Fadil Sanusi Omar. Their speeches, rich in insights, significantly deepened our understanding of the evolving US-Libya relationship, highlighting both challenges and opportunities.

We were honored to host an array of distinguished guests, including experts from academia, the US government, and leading figures from the private sector. Their diverse perspectives and discussions contributed immensely to the evening’s success, fostering an environment of thoughtful dialogue and mutual learning.

Their steadfast support, extending beyond financial contributions, reflects a profound commitment to the ideals of collaboration and mutual growth. Their engagement was instrumental in bringing our vision for this event to life.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated, making this event not just a gathering, but a celebration of shared goals and aspirations. As we look forward to 2024, we are more committed than ever to strengthening and advancing the US-Libya economic cooperation, building on the foundations laid by our partners and supporters at this memorable event.

USLBA Hosts Meeting with High State Council Chairman Mohammed Takala

On Nov 15, the US-Libya Business Association (USLBA) conducted a fruitful meeting with Chairman Mohammed Takala and esteemed delegates from the High State Council. This high-level dialogue focused on the critical role of American enterprises in Libya’s economic landscape and the exploration of Libya’s potential in the green energy sector.

The discussions highlighted the mutual benefits of American involvement in Libya’s economic development, particularly in leveraging Libya’s potential as a hub for sustainable energy. The USLBA is committed to facilitating this collaboration, which is poised to contribute significantly to economic growth and sustainability in both nations.

We anticipate a strong partnership ahead, driven by shared goals of innovation, economic progress, and environmental responsibility.

USLBA Hosts CBL Governor HE Saddek ElKaber

Today, the US-Libya Business Association (USLBA) had a fruitful dialogue with Libya’s Central Bank Governor, His Excellency Saddek ElKaber. We commend his efforts in enhancing transparency and ease of business in Libya, crucial for a prosperous business environment. We were also enlightened about Libya’s strategic plan to augment clean energy production and diversify its economy, marking a promising path for Libya’s future. The USLBA remains dedicated to fortifying US-Libya economic ties and supporting Libya’s growth journey.

USLBA Hosts Expert Roundtable

On February 24, 2023, the US-Libya Business Association hosted a roundtable discussion focusing on recent events in Libya featuring prominent Libya experts and American companies with a strong interest in the Libyan market. The discussion centered around the current political and security situation in Libya, including the recent P3+2+2 meetings in Washington, DC as well as the UNSC session on Libya held on Monday, February 27. Overall, the roundtable provided a valuable platform for discussing the current state of affairs in Libya and the opportunities and challenges for American businesses seeking to operate in the country.

Many thanks to our main presenter, Francesco Calzoni, Senior Manager and Libya researcher at Intelyse, as well as the many other esteemed analysts who offered their insights to the group.

USLBA Hosts Discussion with US Ambassador Norland

On January 26, the US-Libya Business Association invited Ambassador Richard Norland, US Special Envoy to Libya, to a roundtable discussion in Washington, D.C. to review recent political and economic developments affecting US-Libyan relations. USLBA is grateful to the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs and the US Embassy Libya External Office for their efforts to support US companies that operate in Libya.

USLBA Meeting with CBL Governor HE Saddek ElKaber

On October 12, 2022, the US-Libya Business Association hosted a private meeting with His Excellency Saddek ElKaber Libya’s Central Bank Governor, and USLBA members. The discussion highlighted the CBL’s efforts to increase transparency and foster economic growth in Libya. Participants also noted future opportunities for US companies to deepen their investment in Libya. USLBA is grateful for H.E. and his delegation’s time during his busy visit to Washington, D.C. for the IMF/World Bank Meetings.

USLBA ED Discusses Oil & Gas Sector Ties with Minister Oun

On October 5th, 2022, the US-Libya Business Association (USLBA) Executive Director, Lydia Jabs, met with Libya’s Minister of Oil and Gas, H.E. Mohamed Oun, on the sidelines of the Africa Oil Week conference held in Cape Town, South Africa. During their meeting, they discussed various ways to strengthen US and Libyan ties in the oil and gas sector.

The discussions highlighted the opportunities and challenges that exist in the oil and gas industry of Libya. They acknowledged the importance of the US-Libyan partnership in developing and expanding the sector, which has been one of the driving forces behind Libya’s economy.

The meeting emphasized the potential for US businesses to invest in Libya’s oil and gas sector and the benefits that would bring to both countries. It also discussed the need to establish stronger relationships between US companies and Libyan counterparts to enable partnerships that would improve technology transfer, and capacity building, and create job opportunities.

USLBA Meets with Foreign Minister Najla El Mangoush

On September 26th, 2022, the US-Libya Business Association (USLBA) met with Libya’s Foreign Minister, Najla El Mangoush, at the Libyan Embassy in Washington D.C. to discuss ways to strengthen economic ties between the United States and Libya. The USLBA is grateful for the opportunity to work with H.E. toward a shared goal of attracting American companies to invest in Libya.

The meeting focused on the current state of economic relations between the two countries and identified areas for growth and cooperation. The USLBA highlighted the importance of increasing foreign investment in Libya and creating a more attractive business environment for American companies.

In conclusion, the meeting between the USLBA and Foreign Minister El Mangoush was an important step toward strengthening economic ties between the United States and Libya. It highlighted the shared goal of attracting American companies to invest in Libya and the need to address challenges to create a more attractive business environment. The USLBA remains committed to promoting investment and trade opportunities between the two countries, and we look forward to continuing our work with Libyan officials toward this shared goal.