Representing the Largest U.S. Investors and Employers in Libya

The US-Libya Business Association (USLBA) is the preeminent member-based U.S. trade association focusing solely on the United States and Libya.

It was organized to enhance the US-Libya relationship, educate the public about its importance, and facilitate the commercial and diplomatic dialogue between the two countries. The USLBA is a non-profit organization that sponsors regular policy conferences, briefing sessions, and major events featuring senior US and Libyan officials.

At its core, the US- Libya Business Association (USLBA) helps companies navigate the opportunities and challenges of doing business in Libya.

USLBA’s work actively supports US commercial diplomacy and Libya’s national strategy for economic prosperity. USLBA collaborates with major Libyan political and economic institutions to develop the US-Libya relationship through vital trade and investment projects, educating the public about the importance of US-Libya commerce, and assisting US firms that are operating in or seeking to enter the Libyan market.

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