The U.S.-Libya Business Association (USLBA) held a virtual meeting with U.S. Ambassador to Libya Richard Norland on February 17, to discuss the latest developments in Libya, the U.N sponsored Libyan Political Dialogue Forum, and measures to support US and other foreign investment with the parallel goal of nurturing a healthy business climate in Libya for the benefit of all Libyans.

USLBA member companies are hopeful that progress on economic reforms and long-term political stability will help strengthen the economic ties between the United States and Libya and realize the enormous potential of our countries’ relationship.

USLBA is grateful to work with Ambassador Norland and the U.S. Embassy Libya External Office to bolster the enduring commitment of our member companies to the Libyan people in their efforts to rebuild and diversify the Libyan economy, create jobs, and provide a sustainable future for Libya’s youth.