USLBA Welcomes Hostage Release

January 13, 2016
USLBA welcomed the release of two Argus employees kidnapped in Tripoli. USLBA had facilitated communication between Argus executives and official representatives to aid in the release.
Argus, a USLBA member, issued the following press release:
On March 27, 2015, four of our colleagues deployed in Libya including an Austrian, a Serb and two Jordanians were kidnapped in Tripoli, while carrying out a mission for the Italian Oil major ENI. The 9 month ordeal ended on January 12, 2016 when the two last hostages, Alex the Austrian and Srdjan the Serb arrived in Malta. The two Jordanians had previously been released on July 16, 2015. The release of the two Argus employees is the result of joint efforts of many parties including European diplomatic missions to Libya, prominent Libyan stakeholders, official services and the dedication of Argus management from Europe to Washington, DC.