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Open Position for Principal Staff Officer at the U.S.-Libya Business Association

General Description

The Principal Staff Officer (PSO) assists the Executive Director in all US-Libya Business Association’s (USLBA) activities including programming, membership outreach, content production and Association administration. This includes managing USLBA’s media presence, arranging logistics for events, communicating with relevant stake holders, and wide range of technical writing. The PSO is responsible for representing USLBA in a professional manner, conducting activities efficiently and effectively, and for evaluating and reporting the results of each activity.


The nature of the position requires strong interpersonal skills and ability to work closely in a small team. The ideal candidate will be highly motivated, flexible, and have positive attitude. A proven track record of effectively interacting with senior management is preferred.

  • Excellent written, verbal, and cross-cultural communication skills.
  • MA in Middle Eastern Studies, International Studies, Political Science, Economics, Business, MBA, Law or a related field. (Highly qualified candidates with Bachelor’s degree encouraged to apply).
  • Prior Knowledge of Libya and Arabic are pluses but not required; however, a strong interest and desire to learn about Libya in depth is necessary.
  • Strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office software, and business development platforms. Marketing and graphic design experience is valued.
  • Demonstrated experience of high level research and ability to write both in academic and professional tones.
  • Organization skills, elegance in writing, social ease in interacting with representative of major multinational companies and diplomats.


The Principal Staff Officer (PSO) will report directly and will fulfil a high-level support function the US-Libya Business Association’s (USLBA) Executive Director, Jason Pack throughout his whole range of activities. In this capacity, the Officer will organize and prioritize critical issues and required information for the executive to facilitate efficient decision making and will support broad functional objectives.

The PSO will serve as a point of contact between the Executive Board and Director and other stakeholders including representative from member companies, USG and GoL officials. This role provides the opportunity to interact with high level players and subject experts in the Libya field, in addition to major actors in the broader public and private sector concerned with international relations and trade. As such the position requires a high level of professional presentation and communication skills, both in person and in official writing.

The PSO will provide high-level research, oversight and guidance to projects and publications of high importance. The PSO will have the opportunity to co-publish with the Executive Director in major publications including Newsweek, Foreign Affairs, Al-Monitor, Al-Jazeera and the Middle East Eye. Beyond long term research projects and publications, the PSO is responsible for the production of several weekly deliverables including daily weekly updates which relay the most recent security and political developments and analyze their significance in relation to business interests in Libya which are confidential and for distribution to USLBA member companies alone. The PSO will monitor and summarize Libyan news and media including social media and the Associations private connections for the information in these updates.

The PSO will play a key role in the planning and execution of all administrative and operational activities of USLBA including regular programming for members and high profile public events. In addition to attending all high level meetings the PSO will be responsible for composing event and summaries for record and distribution.

This PSO will manage all USLBA media including regular maintenance of the official website and social media including Facebook, Twitter. The PSO will also format and ensure all USLBA material is professional and aesthetically pleasing.

Apply Today!

Interested Candidates who are able to start this Fall should contact Lydia Jabs at Ljabs@us-lba.org with a resume, writing sample, and cover letter which demonstrates an interest in Libya and working with Mr. Pack specifically.