About the USLBA

The U.S.-Libya Business Association (USLBA) the only nonprofit member-based trade association focusing solely on the United States and Libya. Since its incorporation in 2005, as the countries resumed normal relations, the USLBA has sought to facilitate opportunities for mutually beneficial trade and investment, enhance the bilateral diplomatic and commercial relationship, and educate the public about the importance of U.S.-Libya economic ties. The USLBA regularly sponsors policy conferences, briefing sessions, and major events featuring senior U.S. and Libyan officials. The Association is housed by the National Foreign Trade Council (NFTC) and believes the bonds forged through trade and investment form the groundwork of an enduring and amicable relationship. USLBA Members partner with public and private Libyan entities across a range of sectors critical to the country's future prosperity, including healthcare, energy, education, construction, banking, capacity-building, and development.

The USLBA welcomes inquiries about our program and the benefits of membership. Please contact us at jpack@us-lba.org or  +1-202-464-2038.

The USLBA provides a comprehensive array of services and products to its Members:

1. ACCESS: The USLBA connects its Members with U.S. government policy makers, visiting Libyan dignitaries and diplomats, and Libya experts at think tanks, in academia, and in the private sector. The USLBA hosts frequent off-the-record meetings in which key USG and GoL. decision makers meet with Members and share their intimate knowledge of ongoing events often not reported in the news. In these forums, Member companies have the opportunity to directly raise their concerns with consequential American and Libyan players. Members also receive confidential summaries of the events.

2. MONITORING PRODUCTS & INSIGHTS AND ANALYSIS: The USLBA monitors Libyan politics, security, and economy to provide Members with weekly bespoke reporting and analysis. Tracking events on the ground affecting high politics, the security situation, and Western business interests in Libya, the USLBA ensures its Members are always in the know. The Association also provides breaking updates on important developments as they emerge. In addition, the USLBA produces thematic research briefs called "Insights and Analysis reporting" on specific business-related topics.

3. PEER-TO-PEER CONTACTS: USLBA membership offers an avenue for engagement in which all the major U.S. companies doing business in Libya are able to build relationships among one another. Members benefit from coming to understand the operating environment, shared experiences, concerns, needs, and perspectives with fellow companies doing business in Libya.

4. TRADE MISSIONS & CONFERENCES: The Association plans to bring Member companies to Tunisia, Malta, or Libya to meet with the key players on the Libyan scene.

5. EXPERTISE: USLBA Executive Director Jason Pack, one of the world's foremost Libya experts, leverages his authoritative country-specific knowledge to help Member companies accomplish their business objectives in Libya. Mr. Pack lived in Libya during the Qaddafi era and has an extensive network of regional contacts dealing with almost every major business sector, the media, and militia groups.

The USLBA is where American businesses, the U.S. and Libyan governments, and experts naturally converge.